What is Personal loan?

Personal loan is an online application process to avail instant cash anytime, anywhere with minimal documentation and user friendly steps. Our process includes an online approval along with a visit to our nearest point of sales for your KYC and then signing electronically.

What is the minimum and maximum loan amount offered?

After verifying all the documents and approval, the minimum and maximum amount depend on what the banking partners are willing to offer.

Does Aadhaar Cash give loan all over India ?

Yes you can recieve loan in any part of India through Aadhaar Cash.

Is CIBIL score required to get loan on Aadhaar Cash?

No CIBIL score is not required to get loan on Aadhaar Cash.

What are the Pre-requisites of Personal loan?

To apply for Personal loan, customer

• Should be an Indian citizen,
• Should have valid e-mail address and a mobile number,
• Should have a valid residential address proof Aadhaar Card.
• Personal Bank account with an access to Net Banking.
If I do not have any of the documents from the proposed list of documents on the application?

As per company policies to apply for our Personal loan, possessing at least one of the mentioned documents is mandatory.

Can an existing customer re-apply for a Personal loan?

Yes, one can re-apply for a Personal loan, however, it is subject to conditions depending on the applicant’s credit history.

What is the interest rate for the loan offered?

The interest rates offered are based on various factors such as loan amount, tenure, credit score, etc. and may vary for different customers.

Is there any loan pre-closure charges?

No, there is no loan pre-closure charges.

What is the time taken for sanction and disbursal of loan amount?

As it is an online process, provisional approval of the loan application depends on our business partners.

How to apply for Personal loan? Or what is the process of Personal loan?

Follow these simple steps to apply for a Personal loan.
• Register with us on our webpage www.aadhaarcash.limited
• Complete the application by filling in your personal details.
• After you get the approval.
• Sign your application on our Website and your process is complete.

In what format can Aadhaar Card be uploaded?

The documents can be uploaded in JPEG, JPEG, PDF and PNG formats. There's no size limit for the files to be uploaded.

What is the mode of Loan Repayment?

Mode of Loan Repayment-

• PAY ON aadhaarcash.limited WEBSITE • Visit www.aadhaarcash.limited and click on 'PAY EMI' button.
• Fill the required loan details and enter monthly installment.
• Choose a debit card or net banking option to make your payment.
• Enter transaction password or OTP sent to your registered mobile number, to complete the transaction
• Save the receipt for future use. Kindly check your E-mail and SMS for payment confirmation.

Can the Loan Amount and Tenure be selected manually?

Yes, the loan amount and tenure can be selected manually. However, the loan amount and tenure selection eligibility is subject to conditions.

Who can login to customer portal?

Only a user who had sign up as a customer can only login to customer poratl.

Who can login to DSA portal?

Only a user who had sign up as a DSA user can only login to customer poratl.

Can a customer login to DSA Portal?

No, a customer can not login to DSA Portal.

Can a DSA user login to customer Portal?

No, a DSA user can not login to customer Portal.

What is otp?

Your OTP is the one time password for rgistration on portal, which is your login password also to login into the portal when ever you want to apply for loan.

What if the OTP is not received on the Mobile ?

It is advisable to wait for 1 minute, if you still don't receive it, and then click on re-send button.

What needs to be done if someone leaves the loan application mid-way but wants to complete the same after a few days?

You can complete your Loan Application within 7 days from your registration.

Will the Loan Amount be disbursed 7 days a week?

The Loan Amount will be disbursed on all working days.

When would be the repayment start date?

The repayment date would start from the next month date on which the loan is issued.

How much repayment I have to pay every month?

You will pay the repayment in form of EMI which have been calculated in the emi calculator while applying the the loan.

Can I re-pay my loan early?

Yes. The process of early re-payment is applicable after 6 months.

How can You contact the customer support?

You can contact our customer support through the contact form or you can mail us your enquiry at contact@aadhaarcash.limited . All your enquires will be replied as soon as possible

Will you recieve any verification call from the company?

No, you wil not recieve any verification call from us. All the process is online and the verification process is handled automatically by the backend team.

What is the APR of loan on Aadhaar Cash?

The APR of loan on Aadhar Cash is 8% which calculating formula is
APR = [2 x Number of Payments per Year x Total Finance Charges] / [Original Loan Proceeds x Total Number of Payments + 1]

The example of Loan total cost loan and Applicable fee

Suppose Repaymet for 1 Year,
The Loan Amount is 10,000, Interest Rate is 7% p.a, and Loan Period is 1 Year. Then the total repayment amount after 1 year is 10,000 + 700(6% ROI) = Rs 10,700

Suppose Repaymet for 10 Year,
The Loan Amount is 10,000, Interest Rate is 7% p.a, and Loan Period is 10 Year. Then the total repayment amount after 10 year is 10,000 + 7000(7% ROI x 10 years) = Rs 17,000