About Us

We Vinayak Enterprises are a team who sensed the vision to address some everyday problems and explore those opportunities to simplify. The concept of Aadhaar Cash was conceptualized a decade back and since then we have been instrumental in achieving our goal. The main motto was to help those who need instant financial help in a very cryptic and problematic situation. We took it as a mission to leverage our expertise in providing personal loan / financial help to those who look for child education /domestic expenses, vehicle, renovation of home, un-avoidable medical expenses/emergency, and overseas travel plan.

At Aadhaar Cash, we understand the urgency of money to those who desperately move here and there to sort out their unwanted financial crisis. We help our customers/borrowers to get financial help/loan from us without any significant techno-legal hiccups—we direct partner with ICICI bank to guide various products like home loans, personal loans etc. We have a simple and easy process through which the loan gets disbursed to the lender's account while submitting two major documents: UIDAI No (Aadhaar Number) and Bank Account Number.

We provide financial assistance for help to any Indian citizen who has attained the age of 18 Years and the amount starts from minimum Rs.50 Thousand to a maximum of Rs.50 lacs at the yearly interest of 7% only. The loan tenure is for 1 year to 20 years and must be payable on equal installment (EMI)including the interest amount.